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Cupid Box Dates πŸ’•. A subscription box that includes everything you need for the perfect date night!

Good afternoon,

It took a lot for me to write my post last night so I thought I would have a bit of a break before I decided to do my review on this fantastic date night subscription box.

Cupid Box very kindly sent out their first box early to me so that I could review it for them and give my honest feedback which is what this post will be all about but I also want to share with you the items that were included and us using them.

I was so excited to open the box once it arrived and get onto deciding when we were going to have our date night but as usual life got in the way which means this post and our date night was slightly delayed.

I could not wait to dive in and find out what was inside. I did read the little booklet first which gives you a complete breakdown of the activities included and also has a great story to go along with it which is fantastic. Absolutely everything you need is included in the box so there is no need at all for forward planning with this, you can just get straight into it when you have the free time.

All of the following pictures are what were taken to post on my Instagram story.

The first part of the booklet tells you how to set the mood ready for the date and also gives you your first activity.

This gorgeous little candle from Juliet Andrews Candles was included in Cupid Box Dates. You may have seen from previous posts or via my Instagram page that I am actually currently a brand rep for this company and I am incredibly proud to have been the reason that these two companies have collaborated, It was so lovely to hear that from doing what I do I had actually helped two companies come together ☺️.

Now I introduce my husband Micky, he was quite happy to get on board with trying this out and giving me his thoughts, he loves to be a bit of a clown so I apologise for the following picture.

We lit the candle which as usual smells incredible, I love vanilla scents and Juliet Andrews Candles definitely have the best throw.

The first activity was to use 3 little compliment cards each which you write down things you love about each other and then hide them in places that you’re other half will find over the next month or so. We have already found ours after having date night last night so we clearly didn’t hide them well enough but it was still lovely to find regardless.

The next activity was to plan “one day in Paris” which was basically what each of us thought would be our perfect day using a map given in the box and then we had to compare these and find out which sights were on both of our lists. I absolutely loved doing this and Micky got really into it.

My list made me laugh as I had tried to cram a lot in and most of the places were no where near each other so we would have been shattered, I also enjoyed moaning about how little time we would get to spend at Disneyland.

After reading through both of our cards, although they weren’t all identical our evening certainly was which really made me smile.

Our next challenge was to build a 3D jigsaw of the Notre Dame which I was concerned about as I’m defiantly not the most patient person in the world, nor do I have the best attention span so I thought this looked as though it could be quite tricky.

I did start to build it but when I figured I had missed a major part of the building which required removing a lot of the pieces already but in place, I did start to sulk.

At which point Micky decided that it was time that he took over.

By the end of this we had something that almost looked right, it wasn’t quite picture perfect and was slightly wonky also the last pieces fell inside so we did give up with these and left them in there.

Unfortunately by this point after feeling pretty terrible from a cold I had so we decided to call it a night and go to bed. We will post when we eventually get around to doing the last activity and I also realised we missed out on giving each other a Paris pet name from a list so we will incorporate that into that last activity as well.

I absolutely loved our date night, it was so much fun and the most enjoyable part is that nothing has to be planned in advance so you can just get to it when you have the time. This makes it easier to do on a busy weeknight which may be a time that you don’t usually get to spend some quality time with your other half.

I will definitely be buying one of these boxes again in the future, the concept is fantastic and I wis Cupid Box Dates the all the best with the future as I think they will become very successful and again I want to thank them for sending out one of their boxes for us to try, it really has been so much fun.

Today is the last day you can preorder your October box before it goes live tomorrow so head over to their Instagram NOW! Cupid Box Dates. They have some fantastic first box discounts on their Instagram page too.

Their website to go to directly is but make sure you head over to Instagram first, give them a follow and check out their amazing discounts.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy your date boxes if you buy one.



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